Women's Bean Project Green Chili Medium Salsa Mix, 0.875 oz

Women's Bean Project Green Chili Medium Salsa Mix:
  • Smooth, green chili version
  • Great over omelets or enchiladas or as a dip for chips
  • Mix with fresh or canned tomatoes to create the salsa
  • Blend with canned or fresh tomatoes
  • Can also be blended with sour cream for use as a spicy dip
  • Easy to use
  • Keep on hand for last-minute guests

About Women's Bean Project and Tamra Ryan:
Founded in Colorado in 1989, the Women's Bean Project creates a safe and accepting work environment for unemployed and impoverished women. The Project teaches job-readiness skills needed to obtain and keep a job and provides support services to overcome barriers. They also help women develop interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community. With this stepping stone toward success, the women are able to support themselves and their families, and create stronger role models for future generations. Because of the Women's Bean Project, hundreds of women have benefited. "Each woman has three kids on average, so the ripple effect is huge." Tamra Ryan, CEO.

Women's Bean Project is part of the Empowering Women Together program at Walmart.com. The program was designed to help small, women-owned businesses succeed and grow by showcasing their products online. Learn more about Empowering Women Together.
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