William Barr FG83K DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorber-3PK MOISTURE ABSORBER

This Hanging DampRid Moisture Absorber, (FG83) three pack hanging bag helps protect your items and fabrics from excess moisture. It is designed to hang in small, enclosed spaces with ease. This 14-oz Fresh Fragrance Damp Absorber eliminates musty odors and replaces them with a clean, fresh scent. In addition, this hanging humidity absorber reduces allergens caused by moisture to turn stagnant air into fresher, healthier air.
Attracts and Traps Excess Moisture; Eliminates Musty Odors, Creates Fresher, Cleaner Air; Non-toxic in nature, is septic safe and friendly to the environment; Formulated to last up to 60 days; You can use it in your attic, linen or clothes closets, laundry room, basements, garages and more.
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  • Brand: WM Barr