Westinghouse 10KPRO 10,000W Pro Series 680cc V-Twin Engine Portable Generator

Westinghouse generators are some of the most powerful, efficient, safe and reliable systems available. Even more comforting? They bring with them a history of value, integrity and heritage that is Westinghouse Electric Corporation along with a full support network.

With a Westinghouse Portable Generator at your side, a power outage or remote project won't get in the way. You'll take comfort in knowing that your refrigerator will keep running -- that your basement will remain dry -- that your lights will stay on -- that your house will stay warm. Our goal at Westinghouse Portable Generators is simple & reliable portable electric power for you, your projects and family. - BRAND Westinghouse 10KPRO 10,000 Watt Portable Generator
- [Owner's Manual][1]
- Engine Specifications:
- V-Twin
- 680cc
- 4-Stroke
- Fuel Capacity: 9.2 Gallons (Unleaded 10% Ethanol)
- Run Time: 11 hours @ 50% load
- Electric Only starting system
- Full Cage Steel Frame, helps to protect unit from damages
- GFCI Protected Circuit , with covered outlets for rough working conditions
- VFT Data Center provides volts, frequency and hours for on-site use and proper maintenance cycles
- Easily converts from a Bonded Neutral to Floating Neutral under the alternator cover
- Bonus DC Battery Charger included
- Less Than 5% THD - All Copper
- Exhaust Emissions: EPA/CARB
- 42Amp Main Toggle, 30Amp Toggle, (2) 20Amp Push Button / GFCI
- (2) Nema 5-20R Duplex, Nema L5-30R, Nema L14-30R All with Covers
- Dimensions: 30.7" Long, 31.1" Wide, 31.3" Tall
- Weight: 300lbs
- Warranty: 1 year Residential / 2 year Commercial Westinghouse
- Product Condition: Brand
- Part Number: 10KPRO

[1]: http://www.norwall.com/product_pdfs/1568_10kpro_om.pdf
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  • Brand: Westinghouse