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WeatherTech TechCare® Premium Wash & Wax Kit

WeatherTech TechCare® Premium Wash & Wax Kit

The WeatherTech TechCare® Premium Wash and Wax Kit is featured in WeatherTech's commercial, "America At Work," during The Big Game in 2015.

TechCare® is a complete line of automotive care and cleaning products. Developed with dedication to sustainability and superior care, TechCare® products are made from only the highest quality of ingredients and advanced formulas. The TechCare® line of car care products provide the ultimate clean and professional finish expected of the WeatherTech® name.

The kit includes:
  • 1- TechCare® Grit Guard® Washing System
  • 1- TechCare® Gentle Car Shampoo (24oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare® Wax-Prep Clay Gel Cleaner (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare® Carnauba Gel Wax (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare® Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Kit (1-15oz. Bottle & 1-24oz. Refill)
  • 1- TechCare® Tire Gloss with Cross-Link Action Kit (1-15oz. Bottle & 1-24oz. Refill)
  • 1- Super White Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Package of 4)
  • 1- Microfiber Finishing Cloth & Quick Detailer (Package of 2)
  • 1- Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel
  • 1- TechCare® Microfiber Applicator Pads (Package of 2)