VM Audio VAS4210P 2200 Watt 4-Way Dual 10" DJ Loud Speakers System (Pair)

VAS4210P 10" 800 Watt 4 Way Passive Loud Speaker System
The DJ Enclosure by VM Audio consists of super high-density fiberwood to minimize vibration in the enclosure and covered with aviation-grade carpet for the most durable and long-lasting exterior that can endure the bumps along the road. To further protect the system, we use strong edge and corner guards along with steel grills to protect the speakers from accidental damage.

Not only is the VM Audio DJ Enclosure protected from wear and tear, it is also designed to deliver high-performance sound production. It is equipped with 4-way, high-efficiency horn tweeters and a powerful speaker while the HPB Filter passive crossover design delivers a smooth signal transition.


This DJ Enclosure's durability, flexibility, and outstanding audio performance make this speaker system perfect for nightclubs, home entertainment, seminars, or any other venues and events. To top it all off, its unbeatable value makes VM Audio's DJ Enclosures a terrific choice for your next event.



If you need to get your speakers off the ground, the VM Audio DJ Enclosure is designed to be mounted onto support poles.


When it comes down to it, you need your DJ enclosure to be more than just durable: you need to produce high quality and undistorted sound. VM Audio's DJ Enclosure was built by audio enthusiasts for the enthusiast. We included a 3-way high-efficiency horn tweeter as well as a high performance loudspeaker so that you can reach all your audience members whether they're up front or way in the back.


VM Audio you get high-durability terminals that will last. Our DJ Enclosure features 3-way terminals so you can use speaker connectors, TS jacks, bare speaker wire or even banana plugs.


The VM Audio DJ Enclosure incorporates a variety of heavy-duty features that protect it from damage. These include a steel grill to protect the speakers themselves, aviation-grade carpet on the outside, and black edge and corner guards.