VM AUDIO Elux 6.5" 200 Watt 2 Way In Ceiling/Wall Surround Home Speaker (Single)

"VM Audio Elux 6.5" 2-Way High Fidelity In-Ceiling Speaker"
VM Audio's Elux Series In-Ceiling Speakers are precision-designed for great, low profile audio entertainment. You don't need bulky, big box speakers to get the big sound you're after. Full Range Coaxial design with our True-Axis Dynamic Driver places the tweeter in the center of the woofer for a smooth and wide acoustic performance, setting the standard for dynamic sound quality in a small enclosure. Our Topcoat ABS Frame has a classic appearance that blends perfectly with your home's interior. Choose any color to paint over the frame and grille.


VM Audio's Elux Series In-Ceiling Speakers deliver outstanding, wide-dispersion stereo sound to any room. A great space-saving alternative that allows you to enjoy your music everywhere in your house, apartment or place of business. THIS LISTING IS FOR 1 CEILING SPEAKER.


We've developed our Full Range Coaxial Speakers with a True-Axis Dynamic Driver for a smooth and wide dynamic sound performance. A perfect blend of high and low frequencies for audiophile sound quality.


For the purest sound staging, we've engineered our speakers with the highest quality electronic elements. VM Audio uses an On-Board High Frequency Specific Crossover Filter which separates bass/midrange and high frequencies, presenting the highs, mids and lows to perfection.

Our Lightweight Fiber Glass Yellow Cone increases bass output with higher efficiency, offering unparalleled audio reproduction and a unique acoustic experience. Delivers smooth, well-balanced sound.

You want your In-Ceiling speakers to blend-in perfectly with your home décor. Our Topcoat ABS Mounting Flange Baffles are well-concealed and can be painted with any color of your choosing.

As important as good sounding speakers are, it's also equally important for our Elux Series In-Ceiling Speakers to be installed easily and securely. Our Screw-In Quick Locking Arm System makes installation simple.

Let's not forget that a good quality frame is also very important to house and protect the high-end, precision-engineered components of your In-Ceiling Speakers. VM Audio's Elux In-Ceiling Speaker Frames are made of High GAUge Steel.