Unique Bargains Women Elastic Hair Tie Rope Ring Band Hairband Ponytail Holder Purple 50pcs

50 Pcs Lady Practical Elastic Ponytail Holder Hair Tie Band Purple


This hair tie is made of strong and elastic material, actively compressing the hair, always trying to revert back to its original shape. This creates a tight, non-slip grip. The product retains its elasticity and usability for months because it is seamless and it will never break. It will never damage to hair. Soft, thick seamless design is easily removed from even the thickest, curliest hair. It won't break or stretch out after a few uses.


  • Tie hair more steadily
  • Good elastic and stretchy hair tie
  • Soft, thick seamless design
  • Lightweight hair tie
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  • Brand: Unique Bargains