The Grand Snacker Gift Basket

They won't know what to be amazed by most, the selection or the fact that it all fits inside one basket! There's nothing gourmet about this guilty pleasure. The The Grand Snacker Gift Basket is like if someone swept their arm through every rack of the munchies aisle at the local grocery store and let everything fall into their cart and it. Is. Amazing. No matter what the occasion or what your recipient is craving, they'll be grateful for this bounty of popular candies, chocolates, chips, nuts, and more that has something in it to satisfy everyone.

Gift Basket Includes:
Cheez It, White cheddar popcorn, Keebler cookies, Famous Amos, Gardetto, Chex mix, Knott's, Austin cracker, Act II popcorn, Mike & Ike, Twizzler, M&M's, Kit Kat, Milky Way, Chocolate bar, Planters peanuts, Granola bar, Twix, Butterfinger, Skittles, Double barrel sausage, Movie theater boxed candies

Ensure freshness: During warm weather, we highly recommend selecting "Next Day" or "2 Day" shipping at checkout. We can guarantee proper delivery of chocolates and perishable goods only if one of these delivery options is chosen. After all, you selected chocolates, not chocolate sauce. Also, please note that to avoid spoilage, some perishables may be replaced with items of comparable value and deliciousness.

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  • Brand: Design It Yourself Gift Baskets