Texas Instruments TI-15 Explorer Elementary Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-15 Explorer Calculator:
  • The TI-15 Explorer combines the fraction capabilities of the Math Explorer with a two-line display, problem solving, place value and more
  • When the TI-15 Explorer is combined with traditional learning tools, it helps students explore their world through investigation and experimentation, and helps develop skills in addition, subtraction, powers, and answer format
  • The Explorer calculator has a scrolling display that shows 11 digits on both the top and bottom lines
  • Previous entry feature lets you review previous entries and results and look for patterns
  • Stacked fractions feature shows operations with stacked fractions or mixed numbers
  • Menus let you select the right settings for your classroom needs
  • Division: display results as quotients and remainders, fractions, or decimals
  • Place value feature helps develop an understanding of place value
  • Problem solving feature lets you or the calculator create problems
  • Guess a solution, review hints to check your guess, then guess again
  • Many additional educational features
  • Model Number: TEXTI15
  • Additional Details
  • Brand: Texas Instruments