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The Swamp People Choot Em DVD Bundle gives us a glimpse of the hidden world of the Atchafalaya Swamp. It's a terrain where nature rules - and history lives. Master gator hunters Troy Landry and Junior Edwards return for a second season of survival Cajun-style deep in the bayous of the Louisiana wilderness. Danger and excitement abound, along with a rich tradition of language, food, music and generations of shared family experience. A colorful cast of characters use techniques dating back to frontier days to live off the land, catching everything from frogs to squirrels and raccoons, all gathered together on this Swamp People Choot Em DVD Bundle. Men who make gumbo and snag gators with their bare hands make HISTORY every day on SWAMP PEOPLE.

Included in this set:

Swamp People Choot Em Pint Glass- Black
Drink your favorite beverage with this exclusive Swamp People Choot Em Pint Glass from the History Channel. Be as cool as Troy from Swamp People and say "awh Clint ya got em' in da beek! choot em again" with the Swamp People Choot Em Pint Glass!

Swamp People Choot Em T-Shirt - Grey
The Swamp People Choot Em T-Shirt is the one for you if you have a soft spot for Troy Landry; he’s a true Cajun known as King of the Swamp — and "Choot 'em" could be his personal slogan. Widely respected by those in his local community, Troy has a heart of a gold—as long as you’re not a gator. The Swamp People Choot Em T-Shirt features a well-executed alligator illustration.

Swamp People Season 2 DVD Set
BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

DISC 1: Gator Gauntlet / Hunter or Hunted? / Shooting Wild / First Mates
DISC 2: Hot Pursuit / Dark Waters / Deadly Skies / Rising Sons
DISC 3: Full Moon Fever / It’s Personal / Beat the Clock / Rising Pressure
DISC 4: House Divided / Two Captains, One Family / 2 Days to Tag Out / Swamp Showdown