Sustainability 2.0

In this cinematic toolkit of sustainability solutions, Wal-Mart and leading partners show how the world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution, one that promises to transform our fundamental assumptions about business and its role in shaping our future. A kaleidoscope of top sustainability experts, CEOs and entrepreneurs provide convincing examples of how companies can out-compete their peers by tackling sustainability head on, engaging stakeholders throughout the supply chain, creating NGO partnerships, and integrating sustainability into their business purpose and culture. Discover remarkable opportunities for saving both money and resources through the ingenious application of existing technologies and proven business practices. "Sustainability 2.0" covers the following: Radical Energy Efficiency, Profitable Waste Strategies, Packaging Breakthroughs, Manufacturing Upgrades, Product Energy Intensity Trends, Affordable Fair Trade & Organic, Transparency & Environmental Trends, Lifecycle Design, Network Problem Solving and Employee Engagement Innovations.