Special Kitty: Natural Cat Litter, 25 Lb

Special Kitty Natural Cat Litter, 25 lbs:

  • Controls odor naturally
  • For the special cat in your life
  • This natural clay cat litter is highly absorbent
  • Produces low levels of dust
  • Made from 100% natural ground clay
  • Does not contain scents or fragrances
  • Bag contains 25 lbs of cat litter
  • Helps keep your home smelling fresh
  • Keeps your cat's litter box clean the healthy way
  • Reduces litter box mess to a minimum
  • Special Kitty cat litter is safe for you and your pet
  • Remove and clean daily for best results
  • Product can be used for other applications
  • Additional Details
  • Brand: Special Kitty