Spangler Dum Dum Pops, 300ct

You can never have enough Spangler Dum Dum Pops, so go for the large bag that contains 300 candy pieces. This giant bag of Dum Dum Lollipops features assorted pops in all of your favorite flavors, including strawberry, cherry, root beer, and grape. Each Dum Dum Pop is individually wrapped and you can save the wrappers for the Spangler Candy Save Wraps for Stuff program. Recognized throughout generations as a candy that is fun to share, Spangler Dum Dum Pops are safe for children with gluten allergies. With numerous flavors to choose from, Dum Dum Lollipops are a fun, colorful treat that offer lots of variety and bring smiles to faces.

Spangler Dum Dum Pops, 300ct:
  • All your favorite flavors
  • Save wraps for Stuff
  • Great for parties and pinatas
  • 300 individually wrapped Dum Dum lollipops
  • Additional Details
  • Brand: Spangler