Sound+Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Machine

Are you one of the half billion people around the world who suffer from sleep deprivation or insomnia? The Sound Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Machine is designed with new features to enhance its ability to help you sleep better. For example: you can control depth and complexity of the SoundStories generated by setting multiple richness levels on the sound therapy machine. Ecotones SoundStories offer completely natural audio recordings of relaxing sounds in ultra high-quality. Ecotones Duet(Sound+Sleep) Sound Therapy Machine will "listen" continuously and automatically to the user's background for any unwanted or disruptive sounds. The Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine responds in less than a tenth of a second by re-mixing SoundStories. Or it may simply adjust the volume levels to neutralize the intrusion, but in a manner that is not invasive. Ecotones Duet Adaptive Sound Machine is different than traditional white noise sound machines because of the naturally recorded sounds that are up to 30 minutes in length. This effectively stops the annoying repetitious playback which some find ineffective for sound machines. Sound Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Machine adaptive mode means the machine will compensate and detect unusual noise like barking dogs, airplanes or helicopters, slamming doors or noisy neighbors. With high-quality microphones the sound therapy machine will pick up on these aggravating noises, then automatically increase the complexity or richness of the SoundStory you have chosen to cover them. The Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine will gradually and automatically adjust its playback volume to neutralize the unwanted noise. Once the noise passes, Ecotones Duet returns to the original settings so you can stay tuned to the sound you wanted to hear; not the unnerving extraneous noises. We guarantee a good night's sleep so you can be active, productive, healthy, and uplifted throughout your day. Sound Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy Machine is also used to help you stay focused while awake and working, reading, or creating for your favorite hobby.
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  • Brand: Overseas Connection