Sons of Anarchy Reaper Women's Mechanic Jacket Exclusive Giveaway Set

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As any fan of SOA knows, SAMCRO life is more complex than just trafficking guns and getting into bloody turf wars with rival gangs. While they might be the most adrenaline-charged moments of the MC members’ lives, there’s also the need for a legitimate business…to both disguise the more nefarious activities of the Men of Mayhem and also provide a somewhat steady line of cash when border disputes hold up the gun trade. And with your women’s Mechanic Jacket – a very functional and comfortable mix of poly and cotton – you’ll be able to shout your love of SOA to the world while giving a nod to its legitimate face, the Teller-Morrow auto mechanic shop. And with the Sons of Anarchy Reaper Mechanics Jacket Exclusive Giveaway Set, you’ll get a Reaper-embroidered, black baseball cap thrown in for free!