Sons of Anarchy Men's SAMCRO Hoodie with Reaper Shot Glass and Dog Tag

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Watch your head. Don the Sons of Anarchy SAMCRO Hoodie and you'll feel like you’re part of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original. An authentic design inspired by the sweatshirt worn by Jax, our Sons of Anarchy SAMCRO Hoodie is soft on the inside, but keeps you looking hard on the outside. Made from extremely soft, premium lightweight fleece with a slim fit.

Represent SAMCRO with the Sons of Anarchy Reaper Dog Tag! Featuring the reaper on the front, and Sons of Anarchy logo on the back. Sons of Anarchy are a notorious motorcycle gang whose goal is ensuring their livelihood by keeping their simple hometown of Charming, California, charming. The Sons of Anarchy has to confront all kinds of bad guys from hooligans and drug dealers to corporate developers, while at the same time running a thriving arms business – and the Sons of Anarchy dogtag says so. Anarchy! If you're all about straddling the line between familial values and lawlessness, the Sons of Anarchy Reaper Dog tag is for you.

Take your best shot. This Sons of Anarchy Reaper Shot Glass boasts the logo of the grim reaper wielding an M-16 and holding a crystal ball. A bit dark, sure, but it'll keep you in check while you're choosing your poison as many times as you want.