Smart GPS Dog Collar & Activity Monitor

An ingenious, rechargeable GPS smart collar connects wirelessly with your phone, letting you keep track of your furry friend's activity, location, health and more, all at a glance, whether you're at home or on the go:

Location. LINK AKC creates automatic Bluetooth Safe Zones around your phone and your charging station you can designate any additional safe zones you like, and you'll be notified immediately if your pet leaves your approved areas. The collar will track your pet anywhere in the U.S. that gets a stable AT&T cellular connection.

Wellness. A 3-axis accelerometer monitors the intensity of your pet's daily activity and provides activity-level recommendations based on age, breed, behavior and size helping you to make sure your pet gets enough exercise. You can also use the app to consolidate vaccination records, set reminders, and receive instant alerts if your pet is in an environment that may be too hot or too cold.

Adventures. The Virtual Scrapbook feature lets you edit and compile photos and videos from any outing you take with your pet including a map with distance and time stamps.

Light & Sound. A remote turn-on sound aids in training, and an LED light makes it easier to see your pet at night.

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  • Brand: LINK AKC