SentrySafe 0.05 cu. ft. Safe Box with Combination Lock, SG2370

It is constructed of solid steel to provide strength, yet the entire unit is light enough for you to carry it easily wherever you go. In addition, the small size lets you easily stow this programmable safe in your luggage, briefcase or backpack when you travel. This slim attractive item comes in blue, black and red. When you use the SentrySafe Compact Safe with Combination Lock, you can keep your valuables close at hand and travel with the sense of security that comes from having the right tool to protect them.
SentrySafe Compact Safe with Combination Lock:

  • Soft interior lining
  • Lightweight safe lock box
  • SentrySafe Safe easily fits into luggage or backpack
  • Solid steel construction
  • Steel tethering cable
  • 3-number mechanical lock
  • Programmable
  • Available in blue, red and black
  • Additional Details
  • Brand: SentrySafe