Seinfeld Kramer Vinyl Idolz - Funko Vinyl Sugar Figurine

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He talks the talk and he walks the walk, baby! From the first time Seinfeld's cooky neighbor burst through his front door, Kramer left a lasting mark on the legendary NBC comedy. From his perfect coffee table book to his Fusilli Jerry and all the hair-brained schemes in between, no one could play Kramer better than Michael Richards. Salute to this wild-eyed character on one of TV's funniest shows with the Seinfeld Kramer Vinyl Idolz - Funko Vinyl Sugar Figurine. The playful vinyl collectible features Seinfeld's crazy neighbor with his trademark stare and hi-water pants. Collect all of your favorite Seinfeld characters, or give him as a gift to your nosey neighbor! The figurine comes in a collectible box, featuring the Seinfeld Logo and the character's name.