Samsung EHS63ASNBEGST1 3.5mm EHS63 Active Sound Stereo Headset

The EHS63 is an ingenious hybrid headset with an impressive array of audio and safety features, designed specifically as an ideal companion for fitness buffs. Featuring a unique dual-speaker design, one open-air and one in-ear, the EHS63 allows active listeners to safely monitor their outdoor surroundings without sacrificing audio quality. Specifically, the open air speaker gives users improved bass response while the traditional in-ear speaker provides high frequency fidelity, producing optimal conditions for well-balanced high, middle and low tone. In addition, users will enjoy super-soft silicone ear cushions for unparalleled comfort and secure fit, ensuring headsets stay in place, even during high-intensity workouts. Samsung EHS63 headphones were designed with the active lifestyle in mind. Combining a secure and comfortable fit with hear-through outdoor safety, Samsung has created a set of headphones in tune with the audio needs of todays athletes, from weekend warriors all the way up to professional athletes. The earpiece design keeps your headphones in place, even during high-intensity workouts. The dual speaker design offers unparalleled comfort, allowing the headphones to be worn for an extended period of time. Open air speakers provide improved sound quality while in-ear speakers contribute high frequency fidelity audio, all while allowing enough pass-through of ambient sound to monitor your surroundings safely.Features:- Dual-Speaker design for improved sound- Quality and high frequency fidelity- Tangle resistant cable- Universally compatible with other 3.5mm devices with a 3.55 connector/jack- In-Line Mic and Answer KeyPackage Contents:- Samsung 3.5mm EHS63 Active Sound Stereo Headset
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  • Brand: Samsung