Ray Ban 2140

The Wolves of Wall Street were sitting in the lap of luxury during their heyday in the '90s. If you wanted the best of the best, you need look no further than Wall Street to find the pinnacle of fashion. The classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses have been iconic since the '50s and embody adventure, style and power. Wall Street's bad boy Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) is seen wearing this pair while celebrating the height of luxury on his yacht. If you can't quite afford a ride on the Lady M, you can at least snag a pair of these shades! The timeless style of the Wayfarer, along with their durability and comfort make these shades a must-have for your wardrobe. The frame is made of nylon with 7-barrel hinges for durability. The lenses are scratch-resistant glass with 100% UV protection.