NOITOM MySwing Golf Swing Analyzer

The Noitom mySwing Golf Swing Analyzer is a highly accurate and user-friendly inertial motion-capture system, allowing you to record and digitize complex body motions, anywhere and anytime. mySwing is a sensor module that attaches securely to the club's shaft and communicates with your smart phone. When the club is swung, the sensor picks up the motion data automatically and forwards the data to the smart phone. The user can check their performance immediately after each swing or review the swing history anytime. mySwing is your personal digital golf coach, at your service anywhere anytime.

Additional features:
  • Most accurate mobile swing analyzer
  • Fastest in response speed; no waiting after each swing
  • Driven by world-class, high-speed, wireless, motion-capture technology
  • The only swing analysis app with built-in ball flight simulator
  • Hook-and-loop strap design to mount securely on any club
  • Weighs only 17 grams