Mountain Cat Trees Wall Mounted Scratching Post

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Is your cat tearing up your home? Some desperate cat owners rely on the help of cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell, and for others, it just takes a little distraction. For your frisky feline, show them a little love with this Vertical Scratching Post, seen on the Animal Planet show. Catify your home with this versatile scratching post, a 22 post tightly wrapped in Sisal rope. Its perfect for small spaces, as it mounts to walls that have studs. Install at whatever height suits your cat's scratching preference, low or high.

Heavy duty brackets, hardware and installation instructions included. A drill, Phillips head screwdriver, and stud finder are needed for installation.

The Wall Mount Vertical Scratching Post won Cat Fancy's Editors' Choice 2014!

By: Mountain Cat Trees