Mimi Litter: Cat Litter, 4 lb

  • One Bag Lasts An Entire Month Without Changing; 1 Lb Mimi Litter Can Absorb More Than 0.81 Lbs Liquid Waste and Keep Litter Box Dry At Any Time. Absorbs and Controls The Odor of Urine and Feces In Seconds. Each Grain of Mimi Litter Is Rich In Micro-Pores. It Absorbs Cats' Liquid Waste Completely In Seconds and Leaves The Litter Dry to Be Maintained and Cleaned Easily. The Waste Will Not Harm The Environment.
  • Stops Odors: Mimi Litter Can Immediately Absorb and Capture The Odor-Causing Bacteria Into Its Micro-Pores, Evaporating and Vanishing Them. Less Money: One Bag Mimi Litter = At Least 10 Bags Traditional Cat Litter. Environmental Friendly: Litter Will Not Pollute The Environment Or Harm Humans Or Pets. Clean & Sanitary: Mimi Litter Can Absorb Cats' Urine In Seconds, Keep The Litter Always Fresh and Dry. No Footprints from Pets Are Left On Furniture Or Anywhere In The Room. Change Litter Less: Replace Litter Less Often.
  • Porous Silica Sand
  • Clean &Amp; No Dust
  • Inhibits Bacteria
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Made In China
  • Additional Details
  • Brand: Mimi Litter