Lucky Line 48801 Key Fob Protector-FORD REMOTE SKIN

Ford remote skin. Remote Skins protect, customize and repair your car remote. Made of soft, water-resistant neoprene which limits fraying. Tough, clear vinyl window provides high visibility of remote buttons. Slip the cover over a broken remote to make broken remotes usable again. Available in 3 models: Ford, GM, and Universal (fits most Toyota and Honda remotes). Black. Width: 1-3/4", Length: 2-1/8", Depth: 1/2" No. 48901: Width: 1-7/8", Length: 2-3/8", Depth: 1/2" No. 49001: Width: 1-3/4", Length: 3", Depth: 1/2"
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  • Brand: Lucky Line