Little Victories: A Sportswriter's Take on Winning at Life - and at Touch Football With the Kids

Some days success isn't about doing it all it's just about getting out of your pajamas before 2 P.M.
In his hilarious debut, "Wall Street Journal" writer Jason Gay embarks on a comic journey through family and fatherhood, sickness and health, heartbreak and joy.
Jason Gay sets the example for how to . . .
* Build the perfect wedding playlist without being a music snob.
* Go home for the holidays without abandoning your family at a highway rest stop.
* Support kids sports without brawling with another parent in the parking lot.
* Make ten million dollars in fifteen minutes. (Okay, that s a total lie.)
Whether you re a recent grad, a Little League coach in the making, or a wise grandparent who has seen it all, "Little Victories" will remind you to celebrate the small moments, perfect and imperfect alike. Finally, this is one bookthat loves you for who you are and especially for who you aren t.