Lil' Rinser Splashguard Shampoo Rinser & Faucet Extender

Imagine bath time with your child... minus the tears It's possible with the cleverly designed Lil Rinser Splashguard Shampoo Rinser. Held gently against your child's forehead, Lil Rinser channels the soapy water away from the child's eyes and ears. The result is a faster, easier bath time and a happy, tear-free child (and parent). Comes with a Faucet Extender which makes cleanup with little ones easy by extending the spigot's stream. No more lifting fast-growing tots to reach the flowing faucet. Simply squeeze both sides while pushing the lower flap inward, attach to the faucet and scrub those germs away. BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. Dishwasher safe.
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  • Brand: Lil Rinser