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Key Features and Benefits:IPS panelOne of the secrets behind LG TVs outstanding high-definition performance is the specially designed TV panel. The quality of the panel helps determine the quality of the picture, and the IPS panel makes any seat the best in the house, with a clearer and more consistent image at wide viewing angles compared to conventional screens.LG smart TVSmart shouldn;t be difficult. LG Smart TV makes it easy to connect to premium content from providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. The simple and fun Magic Remote saves time and trouble, letting you point, click, scroll and even speak into the remote to find exactly what you want, searching across apps, movies, TV shows and the web - all at the same time! Spend less time navigating and more time being entertained. Plus, LG;s Smart TV experience is more intuitive than ever.Full HD resolutionThis leap forward in picture quality is the reason you wanted HDTV in the first place. Full HD meets the highest standards for high definition, displaying lines of resolution on screen for a clearer, more detailed image that is simply breathtaking.LED backlightingLED backlighting is an array of compact, energy-efficient, tiny light-emitting diodes inside the TV to illuminate the picture. The new standard in HDTVs, LED is superior to older CCFL technology, making slimmer televisions possible, with amazing brightness, clarity and color detail.Smart shareLG gives you multiple ways to share those vacation photos, that family video or your favorite song on your TV, from a compatible device like a smartphone or tablet. Whether you link devices via your home network or send content directly from your laptop over WiDi, LG makes it easy for you to share what you like up on the big screen for friends and family to enjoy.MCI 600Motion Clarity Index, or MCI, rates how well select LG LCD televisions smooth fast motion, which can otherwise reproduce with unpleasant blur on lower end televisions. This figure represents
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