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K'NEX Pac-Man Maze Assortment

K'NEX Pac-Man Maze Assortment

$56.99 $44.99
Inspired by the Budweiser commercial "Coin” during The Big Game in 2015.

The K'NEX Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures building sets includes 211 pieces between all four Maze Building Sets to provide hours of fun at home or with friends as you turn your favorite TV show into a hands-on and creative experience. Each set comes with 52+ colorful, durable K'NEX pieces and step-by-step instructions to build either Pac, Spiral, Cylindria or Betrayus, a mischievous minion ghost whose eyes pop out, a unique accessory, and four power pellets that Pac can fire at enemies! You'll get the complete collection with this K'NEX Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures building sets bundle - all four characters, four accessories and four different ghosts! Each of the four mazes comes with seven repositionable walls and four power pellets, for a whopping total of 28 panels and 16 power pellets to customize your play and build your world just the way you want it. Enjoy building and rebuilding different mazes to challenge the heroes of Pac World as they team up to fight with all their might for what they believe in: Friendship, Freedom, and the Future.
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