GOLD RUSH Alaskan Mining Prospecting Key Fob - MerlinGold with Gold Nugget

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This GOLD RUSH Alaskan Mining Prospecting Key Fob consists of a Genuine Alaskan gold nugget affixed to a Northwest Territorial Mint MerlinGold® bronze coin with an antique finish—placed on a leather fob. MerlinGold is a proprietary Northwest Territorial Mint bronze alloy that simulates the look and feel of actual gold. This medallion features a real gold nugget taken from the Alaskan wilds, and the tools used to unearth gold over the years—the pick, shovel, pan, header frame, front end loader, mine cart, and pneumatic drill (aka "widow maker"). The reverse of the coin features the GOLD RUSH TV show logo. This GOLD RUSH Alaskan Mining Key Fob has been minted in the historic Comstock Mining District located in Dayton, NV.