God Hates Us All (Paperback) Book

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A wry literary masterpiece, God Hates Us All is a coming-of-age tale for the apathetic generation.

Hank Moody's self-loathing yet darkly likeable narrator is a college drop-out-turned-accidental-drug-dealer enveloped in a world of contradictions. His boss -- a bong-hitting, dreadlocked Pontiff figure -- runs a remarkably organized and ingenious illegal trade patronized by, among others, a sweater-set-wearing Upper East Sider, a Wall Street hotshot, and a wannabe rock star with a hard-to-resist model girlfriend.

The lonely narrator yearns for more than the tenuous but intimate thread he shares with his clients. To escape his mother's desperate expectations, his father's endless disappointments, and his certifiably insane ex-girlfriend, he moves to the city's mecca of ambitious slackers -- the Chelsea Hotel -- where the pursuit of lust (and the rock star's girlfriend) sends him on a series of well-intentioned misadventures that lead him right back where he started.

Told in a unique and subtle voice, God Hates Us All is ironic, optimistic, and unforgettable.


“I read it during a brief flight to the midwest this weekend*, and for anyone who's a fan of the show it's not only a fun read but also provides more about the character's background. Though the story is not about Moody, it does pull from his life (or so we're told on the show), and that just strengthens the idea of Hank Moody — cementing the backwards-hero in our minds as a man whose current life path is no more his own fault than the color of his hair.” –mediabistro.com

“I just read the real-life incarnation of Hank's until-now fictitious book, God Hates Us All, which surprisingly was written/turned into an actual novel. How...novel of Showtime. I expected it to suck, but it truly was a believable read that this could've been literary bad boy Hank Moody's vehicle to fame. Check it out.” –Ugo TV Blog