Gerald Finzi Collected Songs: 54 Songs Including 8 Cycles or Sets: Medium/Low Voice

(Boosey & Hawkes Voice). Contents: BEFORE AND AFTER SUMMER: Childhood among the Ferns * Before and after Summer * The Self-unseeing * Overlooking the River * Channel Firing * In the Mind's Eye * The Too Short Time * Epeisodia * Amabel * He Abjures Love. EARTH AND AIR AND RAIN: Summer Schemes * When I set out for Lyonnesse * Waiting for Both * The Phantom * So I have fared * Rollicum-Rorum * To Lizbie * The Clock of the Years * In a Churchyard * Proud Songsters. I SAID TO LOVE: I need not go * At Middle-Field Gate in February * Two Lips * In five-score * Summers * For Life I had never cared greatly * I said to Love. LET US GARLANDS BRING: Come away, come away, death * Who is Sylvia? * Fear no more the heat o' the sun * O Mistress Mine * It was a lover and his lass. LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST: Songs for Heims and Ver (Song for Moth) * Riddle Song * False Colcolinel. OH FAIR TO SEE: I say I'll seek her * Oh fair to see * As I lay in the early sun * Only the wanderer * To Joy * Harvest * Since we loved. TILL EARTH OUTWEARS: Let me enjoy the earth * In years defaced * The Market-Girl * I look into my glass * It never looks like summer * At a lunar Eclipse * Life Laughs Onward. TO A POET: To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence * On Parent Knees * Intrada * The Birthnight * June on Castle Hill * Ode on the rejection of St. Cecelia.