Dr. Brown's - Polypropylene Newborn Feeding Set

Nurture your child with Dr. Brown's Polypropylene Free Newborn Feeding Set. The patented no-vacuum design is an ideal choice for any young child. Dr. Brown's newborn feeding set has an internal vent system that ensures there are no bubbles while feeding, which helps prevent colic, spitting up, burping and feeling uncomfortable gas. The product is BPA-free. It can be sterilized in the microwave at high temperatures without posing a risk to the baby. The feeding bottle set includes three standard 8-oz bottles, two standard 4-oz bottles, five Level 1 nipples, two extra Level 2 nipples, two storage/travel caps and three cleaning brushes. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean for maximum convenience. Dr. Brown's Polypropylene Free Newborn Feeding Set fits all levels of existing Dr. Brown's standard nipples and accessories, including the microwave sterilizer, drying rack and dishwasher basket (sold separately).
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  • Brand: Dr. Brown's