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Doodle Jump Arcade Game

Doodle Jump Arcade Game

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When games were only available in arcades and victories required a pocket full of coins, the ability to carry an equivalent of an arcade in your pocket would have blown minds. We’ve taken your favorite game from the pocket-sized screen to an updated version of an arcade game. The Doodle Jump Arcade Game stands at 9 feet tall with a 42” LCD screen for a doodle jump experience you’ve never seen before. This large arcade game features details that hearken back to the original arcade games for an experience that’s fully modern with a hint of nostalgia. Get this arcade and get to setting a new high score!

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Power Requirements : 110 Volts Optional 220V. Electrical Usage : 110V @ 5A 220V @ 2.5A
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  • Dimensions: 32'' x 50'' x 108''
  • Weight: 575 lbs.