Crayola Classic Crayon, Featuring New Blue Bluetiful, 24 count

Use these crayons to write on paper, cardboard or posters. They work on virtually any desired surface. Keep them in the box or pair with a pencil case for extended use. Use with a sharpener to help keep tips pointed enough for fine lines.Adults can enjoy them to relax as they let their minds make something bright and lively. The assortment of 24 essential shades in this Crayola Classic Color Pack of crayons helps create a fun atmosphere for creativity, from doodling to school art projects. They are an excellent option to give for gifts and to have on hand for a quick and easy rainy day activity. 

Crayola Classic Color Pack Crayons:

  • Classic crayons for children of all ages
  • True hues and intense brightness in primary and secondary colors
  • Double wrapped for extra strength
  • Non-washable Crayola classic crayons, 24-ct
  • Model Number: CYO523024
  • Preferred by teachers

  • Additional Details
  • Brand: Crayola