Cook Yourself Thin Snack Kit

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The Cook Yourself Thin Snack Kit includes:

  • Fruit Pops- Eating the recommended servings of fruit is easy with reusable Fruit Pops. Chop up fresh fruit and freeze with fruit juice for a tasty treat. Itís fun the whole family will enjoy!
  • Cookie Pro- Finally a sensible portion size for home-baked cookies that is quick and easy to accomplish with the Cookie Pro. This multi-tool has a flexible scoop that delivers a perfect 28 gram dough ball...simply scoop and press the back of the scoop to release. The other end of the tool is a spatula that you can use to scrape bowls, spread or cut dough, decorate, even release the baked cookies from the cookie sheet. Go ahead and indulge sensibly!
  • Nut Bowl- The Nut Bowl & Scoop is the solution to balancing the healthy benefits of nuts with proper portion control. The Nut Bowl is the perfect size for anytime snacking, and you'll know exactly how much a 1 oz. portion is! Save money and buy nuts in bulk, then measure out your own mixed nut creations!
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