Cook Yourself Thin Pasta Night Combo Set

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The Cook Yourself Thin Pasta Night Combo Set includes:

  • Dressing Lid: The Portion Control Dressing Lid provides a stylish solution to freely pouring too much salad dressing and consuming too many empty calories. Fits most store-bought salad dressing bottles! Use with Italian, Vinaigrette, Ranch, Balsamic and more!
  • Pasta Basket- Never again cook more pasta than you need. The Portion Control Pasta Basket measures one serving of pasta and works with any type of pasta! The silicone basket provides a contained cooking space and up to four baskets fit into one pot, great for restaurant style choices right at home. Everyone gets to have their favorite, at the same time!
  • Cheese Grater: Cheese is frequently over used, adding extra calories and saturated fats to foods. The Portion Control Cheese Grater grates and measures one serving at a time to help control portion sizes. The clear bin captures the cheese and allows you to easily view the proper portion size of cheese.
  • Serving Ladle: The Portion Control Serving Ladle provides portion control for serving cooked meals right from the stove or at the dinner table. The stylish appearance is perfect for serving guests and family alike. Since the portion sizes are tucked away on the inside of the ladle, no one will know you are measuring. Serve the proper portions of soup, pasta sauces or gravy every time! Use to deliver portion control of cream-based gravy, sauces, and soups.
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