Contour Flip Pillow

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The Flip Pillow is the most versatile pillow in its category, with 4 levels of back support at your disposal. It flips easily to accommodate a variety of positioning, providing comfort and aligning your neck , shoulder and lumbar region in any position, so you can rest, relax and rejuvenate like never before. The Flip Pillow the most exceptional pillow available. 4-Position Comfort Pillow is designed to work in a variety of positions depending on whether you’re sleeping, watching TV, reading or working in bed. The smaller lobe provides great support for proper head and neck alignment, without compromising a plush, comfort feel.
Upright Position: Allows maximum back support for upright activities such as working on your laptop, playing video games or reading in bed.
Relaxed Position: A built-in headrest offers excellent neck, shoulder and back support for relaxed activities like reading or watching TV in bed.
Inclined Position: Provides a gradual upward slope, ideal for those who need to sleep with their head slightly elevated.
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  • Made In: China/USA
  • Made Of: Poly/cotton shell, Poly fill