Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System

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Chord Buddy Guitar Learning System As Seen On TV - learning the guitar should be fun! Learning with Chord Buddy As Seen On TV is just that. From day one you are playing real songs with just the press of a button.

Using Chord Buddy's patterned teaching system you will learn your right hand rhythm patterns first, while using the chord making tabs to make the chords for you. Once you have learned to strum, it is time to learn the chords. You remove the chord making tabs one at the time and learn to play the chords yourself. In about two months you are playing the guitar on your own!

The Chord Buddy teaching system comes with a key of "G" Chord Buddy, color coded song book with over 100 songs, two month lesson plan and DVD.

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  • Includes: Chord Buddy, song book, lesson and DVD
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