Boom Inline Skates

Boom Inline Skates:
  • Impact-resistant polymer
  • 64 mm x 24 mm PVC
  • ABEC-3 bearings for smooth ride
  • 1 safety buckle system with hide away strap, power strap and lace system
  • Single removable brake
  • Kids' inline skates adjust to grow with child
  • Color: blue
Boom Inline Skates can be your child's best companion for an exciting and comfortable skating experience. They feature lightweight polymer boots with a patented auto adjust system that allows the skate to grow with young feet. You can adapt the boot easily to four different sizes without using any tools. They are designed with ABEC-3 bearings to provide a smooth ride and also feature a removable brake. These kids' inline skates also include a single buckle safety system, power strap and lace system for secure fastening. They are sleek and stylish and combine performance with maximum comfort and support. These adjustable inline skates are a smart choice to introduce your little one to the joys of recreational skating.
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  • Brand: Kryptonics