Billy Wilder & Marilyn Monroe Set of The Seven Year Itch 1955 Lithograph

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Many photographers were invited to take photos of the scene of Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe — on the Set of 7-Year Itch in 1955. A little known fact: Joe DiMaggio objected to Marilyn's panties being seen, so she concealed them during this photo shoot except for what photographer, Frank Worth captures. Worth had the only "panty" photo known in existence with Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe. He released that photograph only once, for the front page of the Hollywood Reporter for an issue dedicated to Billy Wilder. Here, Billy was showing Marilyn how to pose. This remarkably rare and highly valuable photo comes from a cache of negatives that were accumulated over a period of 60 years that remained private until they were found in Worth’s home after his passing in 1999. The negatives reveal a diverse, previously unseen catalog of Frank Worth's Hollywood friends and acquaintances, representing an array of the famous stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Christie’s of London calls the collection, “The most extraordinary collection and find of its kind in the last 50 years.” Now you can have your own copy of Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe — Set of 7-Year Itch 1955.

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