Belkin BoaBuds Flexible Speakers for iPod, MP3 player, Desktop, Laptops, iPhone & iPad

Belkin BoaBuds Gooseneck Flexible Portable Speakers with 3.5mm Audio Input for Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Player, PC Laptop, Desktop, Macbook - Bulk PackagingFrom the ManufacturerTake your music to new places with Belkin BoaBuds Flexible Speakers. Featuring a distinctive flexi-neck design, BoaBuds can be wrapped around your computer--or even your bedpost--to create a personalized listening environment. A standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack allows you to connect BoaBuds to laptops, tablets, and MP3 players. The speakers have cable snaps that help keep your cables organized, and they are powered by a standard AC adapter. A saucer-shaped white-and-blue power switch adds to the speakers' attractive design.callout top with logoBoaBuds Flexible SpeakersAt a Glance:- Flexi-neck speaker system wraps around objects for a versatile audio setup-Portable, compact design-3.5-millimeter headphone jack connects to a wide range of portable music players-Cable snaps keep your cables organized- Backed by a limited one-year warranty- Belkin BoaBuds Flexible Speakers Product Shot- Connect BoaBuds to laptops, tablets, and MP3 players. View larger.- Belkin BoaBuds Flexible Speakers Lifestyle Shot- The speakers go where you go--wrap the cables around a desk or bedpost- Flexible Speaker Cables for a Customized Listening Environment- With their flexible gooseneck design, Belkin BoaBuds can be easily wrapped around a laptop or desktop PC, a bedpost, or the corner of your office desk. Simply adjust to fit your environment, and then angle the speakers for optimal audio.For further convenience, a saucer-shaped white-and-blue power switch makes it easy to turn your music on or off.
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  • Brand: Belkin