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  • Bed Bands Sheet Straps

Bed Bands Sheet Straps

SKU ID #368853

Bed Band Sheet Straps As Seen On TV are the newest product for keeping your sheets tight all night long! Bed Bands As Seen On TV utilize yacht- grade elastic cord, durable nickel-plated clamps with built-in fabric protector, along with push button cord lock.

Once Bed Band is installed on corners of bedding (or anywhere you choose), desired tension is just a push of a button away!

Bed Band is being used for holding coverings in place for hammocks, tablecloths, bar-b-que covers, RV/Semi-truck bedding, towels on boat seats...and many more! The large nickel-plated clips allow many types of material to be held in place. Patent #9163697. Made in Texas, USA

  • Additional Details
  • Includes: 1 set of 4 Bed Bands
  • Made In: USA
  • Weight: .35