Battlestar Galactica Personalized Artisan Dog Tags

Your Dog Tags, Your Name, Your Way.

Welcome, nugget, to the most important job you or anyone else in your Gods-forsaken family tree will ever hope to have"" the preservation of Humanity. You and your fellow pilots and marines are the human wall between us and the toasters. Without you, mankind would be nothing but a lot of grease spots on a lot of rubble back home. And it's only through your efforts that what little remains of our civilization doesn't end up a debris cloud. But before you can lay down your life in defense of your fellow human beings, you better get your name on your dog tags, so we know you're one of us and not one of them. And, if you ever let down your guard, they can identify what's left when the frakkin' toasters are done with you.

Your Personalized Artisan Dog Tags include two tags made of solid antique brass with a protective coating, measuring 1.1562"" wide by 1.3125"" tall by 0.0937"" thick"" exactly the same size as the screen-used tags from Battlestar Galactica. The phoenix emblem, lettering size and style are also taken directly from the screen-used prop.

Your custom dog tag set also includes a 24"" golden chain and comes inside a natural muslin bag stored inside an aluminum case 3.9"" long by 2.5"" wide and 0.9"" tall. Both the bag and case have the Battlestar Galactica emblem silkscreened on them. Your tags will also come with matching six-digit serial numbers that will be unique to your set. And they will have the first initial and last name of your choice (entered in ""Step 3"" in the notes field when you finalize your order) up to a maximum of 20 characters, including any punctuation. Your custom-engraved tags will come direct to you from the Colonial Fleet Operations and will include your induction notice, signed by the Fleet Ops officer on duty.

Character Names
A number of customers have written and asked if your custom-engraved dog tags can have character names on them, because they want the superior quality of the Artisan tags, but with their favorite character's name and number. The answer is, ""Yes!"" If you'd prefer the name of a Battlestar Galactica character on your dog tags, please note that with your order. We have confirmed serial numbers for following characters: Starbuck, Apollo, Helo, Admiral Adama, Chief Tyrol, Athena, Admiral Cain and Saul Tigh. If you'd prefer a character not on the list above, please supply a serial number as well. QMx is not responsible for the accuracy of dog tags engraved with an unconfirmed serial number.

Special Requests
If you'd prefer your dog tags have something different than the standard format of first initial, last name and serial number, please note that when you place your order. We will make every effort to fill special engraving requests, as long as they don't exceed the 20-character count limit per line. Also, please keep in mind that we are limited to engraving two lines per tag.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Like all Artisan products, your custom dog tags are handmade in the U.S.A. and are engraved-to-order. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.