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Amy Purdy's Donek Custom Snowboard

Amy Purdy's Donek Custom Snowboard

Donek snowboards are featured in Toyota's commercial "How Great I Am," starring Amy Purdy and airing during The Big Game in 2015.

With the wide variety of snowboards for sale it's easy to get confused. There are many different styles of boards that come in different widths, lengths, stiffnesses and camber profiles, all built for different purposes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, you don't need to know the technology inside out. Donek will guide you through the decision making process and assist you in finding the perfect board for your needs. Every board they produce is adjusted to fit your foot, so you can be sure to avoid toe and heel drag, or never have to work harder than necessary to put the board on edge because it is too wide.

A Donek comes with your choice of graphics on almost every model, so you aren't forced to make a compromise when it comes to your riding needs and personal style. If you can't find a graphic you like on the web site, you can always design your own or request contact information for an artist we work with to help you in that endeavor.

There are not a lot of competitive snowboards for sale these days. When it comes to winning races no other North American made brand of boards was on the podium in the speed events more than Donek. From the USASA nationals to the Winter Olympics no other brand of snowboards provides the support that Donek does to adaptive athletes either. Donek is proud to sponsor the top paralympic athletes in the world and wishes them luck in their journey to the 2018 Olympic games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.