American Pickers Guide to Picking (Hardcover)

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Find hidden gems and learn how to discover treasures from two professional treasure hunters in American Pickers Guide to Picking – no experience required. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz make their living road-tripping across the American countryside in search of “rusty gold” to buy and sell. They’re not looking for fine antiques; their secondhand treasures are of the down-and-dirty – and sometimes even bizarre – variety. Old bicycles and vintage tools, sun-bleached cars and handmade furniture, retired carnival games and unusual taxidermy are always on the shopping list. They buy on the cheap, assisted by Danielle Colby, who helps run their business, Antique Archaeology, and then sell to dealers and anyone looking for a little bit of authentic Americana.

Also featured are the adventures of Wolfe and Fritz picking across America and the outrageous and unusual characters they encounter, from the eccentric collectors and the obsessive stockpilers to art directors and interior designers.